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Enterprise model

We follow the needs and expectations of our customers.

  • We see ourselves as a customer-oriented company.

  • With our customers and partners, we aim to achieve long-term and successful cooperation. We want to be a competent and reliable business partner in the field of high quality aluminium products.

  • The satisfaction of customers determines our success. We orient ourselves to the needs and expectations of qualitative and power-conscious customers.
    These are trust, openness, honesty and credibility of the basis for a reliable cooperation and thus the basis off our daily work.

  • Through an open communication, we promote the confidence of our customers.

  • To maintaining a maximum degree of flexibility, product quality and delivery capability we adapt ourselves to be meaningful state of the art and the developments of the market.

  • Our core competencies we are developing continuously with the aim of continuous improvement of our international market position.

  • Motivated staff we offer a safe and attractive job.

  • Our employees identify with their skill, their abilities and their commitment to success of the company.

  • For the maintenance and improvement of professional competence and capability of our employees, we rely on a good working climate, an adequate and decent sound design of the workplace and on a regular training and education. Thus we promote confidence, self-responsibility and personal initiative.

  • We maintain a responsible use of resources. This concerns both, the efficient use of resources as well as the prevention of pollution.